Misty Step is a 2nd level conjuration spell from the Player’s Handbook. It’s available to Sorcerers, Warlocks, and Wizards, as well as Druids who choose the Circle of the Land (coast), and Paladins who choose either the Oath of the Ancients or the Oath of Vengeance.

What does Misty Step do?

This spell is quite straightforward. It allows you to use a bonus action to teleport up to 30 feet to an unoccupied space that you can see. It requires only a verbal component, so it works as long as you can see and speak.

Potential Uses

Misty step can improve your mobility on the battlefield. If you have a 2nd level spell slot to spare, you can move to engage with the enemy, make a melee attack with either a weapon or a cantrip, and then Misty Step to safety using your bonus action.

To make a fast getaway you can use your movement, take the Dash action, and cast Misty Step as a bonus action. If your speed is 30, that lets you travel 90 feet in a single turn. And you can Misty Step onto rooftops or across a chasm where the enemy can’t reach you.

You can also Misty Step into places that you can see but not otherwise get to. If your way is blocked by a barrier that you can see through (like a gate), you can simply Misty Step to the other side of it.

Compared with other spells

Dimension Door is a 4th level spell that allows a similar kind of teleportation, except it takes your action, has a range of 500 feet, and is not limited to target locations that you can see. It also allows you to bring one creature with you.

Misty Step is comparable in power to other 2nd level spells. Suggestion, Invisibility, Spider Climb, and Levitate are all 2nd level spells and Misty Step fits well with those.


Misty Step is a solid spell to improve your mobility on the battlefield, get into unreachable places, or give yourself a quick way to retreat. Even as you advance to higher levels, Misty Step continues to make good use of your bonus action and your 2nd level spell slots.